Semester 1

Week 1: Launch (2/3/2017)

Hear about the events MMI is planning for the year, as well as an overview of the exciting overseas microfinance projects we are involved in, and how you can potentially get involved. It will be a great opportunity to find out what we do, meet the committee and make new friends.


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Week 2: Access to Consulting with A. T. Kearney (8/3/2017)

Participate in a consulting workshop and mini case-competition event hosted by A. T. Kearney in conjunction with MMI. This is an opportunity to pick up necessary tools to excel in case studies and competitions whilst also a platform to expand your professional network and develop team work and problem solving skills.


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Week 9: Careers in Social Impact (4/5/2017)

Whether you are an avid supporter for social change or simply researching new career pathways, this event provides the information you’ll need to follow a future pathway that is not only professionally rewarding but will also give you the chance to assist those in need. Join us for a panel-style event with event stalls and networking!

Semester 2

Week 2-4: Global Microfinance Case Competition (Case released 2/8/2017)

Global Microfinance Case Competition is a chance for students to apply their analytical and business acumen and create tangible solutions to alleviate poverty in the developing world, all while competing alongside students across Australia and New Zealand. This year participants have the exciting opportunity to work on a real, live case faced by an actual Microfinance organisation in South-East Asia.

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Week 2: GMCC Consulting Workshop With AT Kearney (2/8/2017)

To help participants become better equipped with the skills and knowledge required for GMCC, MMI and Monash SEED will be hosting a FREE workshop with A.T. Kearney to answer your questions. This workshop is open to all students from the University of Melbourne and Monash University who want to have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals about the intricacies of solving case problems.

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Week 9: Consulting Workshop with SPP (18-22/9/2017)

MMI, in conjunction with Strategic Project Partners, are teaming up to provide to an engaging Consulting Workshop for those interested in starting their career in management consulting. Providing a glimpse into the innovative and rewarding profession, this workshop will equip you with the framework to think like a consultant, while allowing you to creatively unpack an issue using the tricks of the trade.

Week 10: SAMM x MMI – Pull: Scaling The Social Enterprise (5/10/2017)

In the world-renowned style of TED talks, representatives for three firms will educate and enlighten on how they market social impact and grow their businesses. The talks will be followed by Q&A and panel discussion, where any burning questions can be asked, and answered by these industry professionals.